shipping information

We choose international express air and sea express to provide customers with delivery.

The way of international express by air is:

China directly sends international express to the destination country quickly by air, and provides door-to-door delivery to customers.

The way of express delivery by sea is as follows:

Ship from China to the destination country by sea, and transfer the express delivery to the destination country to provide customers with door-to-door delivery services.

The color matching method is selected according to the weight and volume of the product ordered by the customer. The international express air transportation method is suitable for products with small weight and volume, and the sea-run express method is suitable for products with large product weight and volume. You only need to fill in your receipt. The delivery address and contact information are enough, and we will choose the appropriate delivery method for you.

We bear all the delivery costs of all products we sell, and customers do not need to bear the delivery costs.

If you have any questions, please contact: