About Us

Bekebaby--focus on providing high-quality toys and baby products for babies.

         Bekebaby--located in China, has more than ten years of industry experience, focuses on children's toys and mother and baby products, only provides the best products for babies, and enhances the baby's experience.

         We select high-quality toys and baby products from more than 20,000 factories in China. Most of the factories have experience in OEM for well-known foreign baby and child brands, and have very high requirements for product quality and strict production requirements.

         Our goal is to recommend our selection of high-quality toys and baby products to users around the world, so that they can use more cost-effective products. We focus on high-end products.

         At the same time, we also have advanced design and R&D capabilities, as well as the production and processing strength of large factories, which can provide OEM production for overseas brands. If necessary, you can contact us, and we are happy to serve you.

For product consultation or after-sales, you can contact us:

Email: info@bekebaby.com

For our OEM production or bulk orders, please contact:

Email: beke@bkebaby.com